What distinguishes us from others?
We are technology consultants and we not only move boxes containing technology equipment like common distributors.
At stantech we offer a technology consultation where we review the needs of our clients in detail to confirm that the product delivered is the most suitable for their projects.
This ensures that they have the most exact equipment according to their requirements, this means that they do not have to pay for equipment that falls short of their needs or, on the contrary, that exceeds what they really need and pay an additional amount that they could use in other areas of your projects.

Why should you buy from us instead of other suppliers?
They must acquire technology solutions with stantech because the solution we provide them is long-term, that is, from the initial recommendation of the product that will solve their needs, it will be an equipment that they have to replace after several years and not in a short period of time. weather.
We are distinguished by the quality of our products and services.

Values ​​that we give to our clients when purchasing our products:
Security and confidence in acquiring a technological solution that will solve your needs.
Satisfaction of having acquired the most competitive solution on the market.
Peace of mind of dealing with a reliable company that supports any solution provided.

¿Do you need consulting?

We are proud of our customer service, where we offer our experience to every proyect.